Bovada Casino Review

Bovada  Online Casino Review: Is it legit? Is it safe? What do I like about the casino? What do I dislike? Do I recommend using them or someone else? You’ll want to watch this video review so you know everything there is to know! I really like Bovada’s Casino. You’re not going to need to […]

Bingo Admission

Bingo is getting more and more popular each day thanks to online bingo rooms being made available. People love to play bingo because the game is so simple and requires nothing but your time. Bingo can be quite rewarding as well especially when you play games with large jackpots and several bonus prizes. To start […]

Review on Blackjack

The blackjack has become very popular over the past few years. Although in recent years it has been on the peak of it popularity but it has quite a long history. There are many people around the world who has already mastered the game and earned a lot of money. But it may take years […]

The Pre-History of Restaurants

In writing about the French restaurants, I came to question just exactly where the idea of “restaurants” comes from. As per usual, I’ve discovered something that I have previously did not know. The word itself provides a fair amount of clues…restaurant comes from the Old French term restaurateur, which meant someone who provides (i.e. sells) […]

Spinach Thoughts

I find the whole Spinach/E.Coli event telling and yet at the same time, utterly frustrating. In my opinion, the series of events surrounding the outbreak are a perfect microcosm of the larger food industry. You have a crop coming from an industry which has been suspected in 20 outbreaks over the last decade. For whatever […]