Bovada Casino Review

Bovada  Online Casino Review: Is it legit? Is it safe? What do I like about the casino? What do I dislike? Do I recommend using them or someone else? You’ll want to watch this video review so you know everything there is to know!

I really like Bovada’s Casino. You’re not going to need to download anything to play their games. All you need to do is login to the website..It’s that easy, which is what I like about it the most. Too often when you are trying to play casino games online they want you to download an application. This can be annoying and sometimes the applications just aren’t going to work on your computer. Therefore, It is much easier to be able to just to go on their website and be able to access all of their games in the casino.

The next thing I I like about it is that they have all of the casino games that you can play online. If you can think of the game, then they have it. They have everything…Baccarat, video poker, blackjack, slots, and many more.

In terms of their slot machines it is really cool because they have a lot of different slots that you can play. It’s not just some generic boring slot machine. This is really cool and a lot better than the other sites out there.

In terms of whether or not I feel like their casinos rigged, I’m going to say no. I have had the same black with black jacket as I had to go down the street and play.  I have won a good amount in their online casino. I feel like if it were rig then I would not be able to have wine over a couple grand that I have won. I play a lot of the virtual blackjack in their casino.

Overall if you’re United States citizen I’m going to undoubtedly recommend you to use Bovada. It’s much easier to deposit money and it is way safer. You’re going to be able to withdraw your money in it’s not going to get locked up like it could possibly if you were using a different website.